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Vengurla lighthouse

Vengurla’s lighthouse


A lighthouse perched on a hill overlooking the jetty is the unmistakable, unchallenged landmark and main attraction of the town. A steep, winding path up a flight of a huge steps cutting through some thick vegetation leads to the top of the hill. A fairly huge plateau houses the lighthouse and a few staff quarters. What a difference the view from up here must make to those stuck with the dreary job of switching the lights on and off.

For, the view from the top of the lighthouse is indeed mind-blowing. Ahead of you is a vast seascape, stretching till the eye can see. You have a bird’s eye view of the jetty and the palm-fringed shoreline of Vengurla on the left, with the jagged cliff face kissing the sea on the right. To the north-west, thrusting out of the sea, lie the Vengurla Rocks, also called Burnt Islands, an important pointer for seafarers in times long gone, that they had reached land and safety in Vengurla.

The plateau extends to the north of the lighthouse and is worth exploring in itself. The northern tip of the plateau overlooks a fantastic horseshoe beach. While there is no direct path down to the beach, there are a number of winding pathways going down to small coves — tiny strips of sand just large enough to pitch a tent, with the cliff face rising on both sides. Be warned that this is no walk in the park and only those who have some experience in hiking should try and venture down to the waterline from here.

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