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Places to visit in Vengurla


There are many places to explore in Vengurla. Tourists head here to tour through a perfect blend of nature, history, destinations and so much more. There are typically many tourist attractions in Vengurla. There are some of the most beautiful temples in the vicinity of this beach town. The city is popular and well known for its amazing prowess, breathtaking beaches, beautiful temples, away from the hustle bustle of the chaotic city life. You must check out the beaches for their natural magnificence, cleanliness, ambient surroundings, freshness, breeze and composure that would certainly soothe and energize your body, mind and soul.


The temples are pretty and hold a glorious past with them. Most tourists get to hear about the amazing past and numerous tales about these temples. There are forts to explore the historical importance of this beach city. You would never be bored hearing and experiencing all of this and so much more, while you stay in the best of the Vengurla Hotels that offer you the comfort and the charm of exploring through the city even better.There are many aspects to be observed, felt and cherished while you pay a visit to this enthralling city. This is a golden opportunity to tune in with the rich nature, in the middle of the city’s comfort. Look no further and head towards this glorious city of Maharashtra to experience a splendid holiday.


So, what are still waiting for?


Here are a few of the popular and prominent places to see in Vengurla, while it’s a must to check them all out by you:

Shri Rameshwar Temple – Ancient Gram Devta ( God Shiva – main god of the city ) of Vengurla.

Shri Devi Navadurga Temple, Kanyale-Redi, Vengurla – Originally from Goa. Ancient Gram Devta of Kanyale-Redi, Vengurla.

Ubhadanda Beach & Sagareshwar Temple — This beach is about 3 kms from Vengurla. Has golden sand , pleasant breeze .It is very clean without any pollution. On the sea shore itself is the Temple of Shiva. Worth visiting.

Shri Vetoba Temple & Shri Sateri Temple at Aaravali – Both are in Aaravali . Have lot of religious importance in this region. The idol of Shri Vetoba’s idol is very huge .

Shri Sateri Temple at Parabwada, Vengurla – one more goddess Sateri Temple in Vengurla at Parabwada.

Redi Ganesh Temple – Idol of God Ganesh was found in the mines of Redi. It came in the dream of a worker who works in the mine, and asked him to search for him in the mines. When the mines were dug, this Ganesh idol was found underneath . It is a huge idol with only 2 hands. Also a big mouse ( vehicle of Ganesh ) was found there near


Shri Mauli Temple of Redi– Goddess Mauli is the Gram Devta of Redi region. Has a huge ancient temple.

Shri Mauli Temple of Shiroda – One more temple of goddess mauli at Shiroda , very near from Shiroda market.

Shri Ram Purush Temple – One more ancient temple at Kanyale -Redi worth visiting .This also belongs to many Goud Saraswat Brahmins , among others.

Swayambhu Mahadev Temple at Redi – This is a Swayambhoo (emerged from land on its own) Temple of lord Shiva.

Purnadasbaba Upaskar Maharaj Samadhi & Shri Vitthal Mandir at Ubhadanda ,Vengurla – Saint at Ubhadanda. Beautiful Vitthal (Vishnu ) Temple worth visiting.

Some of the other places to visit in Vengurla, Maharastra are as below :

Mochemad – at a distance of about 8 kms from Ubhadanda , very beautiful sea shore and greenery. Nice beach . On the way from Vengurla to Redi , from the hill top , the beach can be seen below. Huge Rocks are also an attraction here.

Vengurla Market – Main market place of the city with many shops. During May – June , you will find fruits available in plenty and very cheap also . Nearby is the fish market. Cashew nuts / Mangoes available in plenty . Famous for ” Khaja ” , a sweet dish prepared from joggery.


Vengurla Port – Once upon a time , a very busy sea port in this area. It still has a light house . A very beautiful view of the Sea can be seen from here. Also Terekhol river & Goa border are visible.

Shiroda / Aaravali – can be called as twin villages with a major market place at Shiroda. Sunday is a special day for marketing here. Sea shore is very near. Shiroda is at 8 kms from Vengurla towards Redi.

Redi Port & Fort Yashwantgad — Again a major sea port of this region . Redi called Redipattan earlier , was /is a famous mining area . Maharashtra state ends here and from Terekhol starts the Goa border , towards the south. Redi is at a distance of 20 kms from Vengurla. Yeshwantgad fort is said to have lot of importance during days of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj but lies unattended now.

Vengurla Beaches are undoubtedly the main draw of Vengurla, and the casuarinas-framed Sagareshwar beach, three kilometres from the ST bus stand, is absolutely gorgeous. Access to this beach is over soft, powdery white sand dunes with scattered patterns of low shrubs. In the early morning light, the sand takes on a golden hue. At sunset, the view of that great ball of fire dipping into the ocean is peerless.

Clean and mostly deserted, the beach is quite safe for a dip in the inviting blue waters, though at high tide the pounding waves can seem a bit intimidating. This is not unusual to Vengurla and any seasoned Mumbaikar who has splashed around in the waters off Gorai can handle Sagareshwar with ease. The quaint old Sagareshwar temple of Shiva on the beach has a courtyard blooming with flowers and a huge deepasthambh.

Vengurla’s lighthouse – A lighthouse perched on a hill overlooking the jetty is the unmistakable, unchallenged landmark and main attraction of the town. A steep, winding path up a flight of a huge steps cutting through some thick vegetation leads to the top of the hill. A fairly huge plateau houses the lighthouse and a few staff quarters. What a difference the view from up here must make to those stuck with the dreary job of switching the lights on and off.

For, the view from the top of the lighthouse is indeed mind-blowing. Ahead of you is a vast seascape, stretching till the eye can see. You have a bird’s eye view of the jetty and the palm-fringed shoreline of Vengurla on the left, with the jagged cliff face kissing the sea on the right. To the north-west, thrusting out of the sea, lie the Vengurla Rocks, also called Burnt Islands, an important pointer for seafarers in times long gone, that they had reached land and safety in Vengurla.

The plateau extends to the north of the lighthouse and is worth exploring in itself. The northern tip of the plateau overlooks a fantastic horseshoe beach. While there is no direct path down to the beach, there are a number of winding pathways going down to small coves — tiny strips of sand just large enough to pitch a tent, with the cliff face rising on both sides. Be warned that this is no walk in the park and only those who have some experience in hiking should try and venture down to the waterline from here.

Vengurla’s Fruit Research Centre – Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the Konkan Farming University and Fruit Research Centre at Vengurla is a must-see. The centre’s main brief is to carry out experiments on mango and cashew, for which the region is famed. Indeed, a new variety of mango, named Sindhu, was developed here. The research centre has an excellent nursery where one can buy all types of saplings. Close by is a cashew factory and, on request, one can witness the entire process of how cashews are separated, roasted and packed. Both the research centre and the factory are located off the main road when entering Vengurla towards the Camp area (15 minute walk from the ST Bus Stand on the main Vengurla-Kudal Road).

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