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 Rameshwar Temple :

Rameshwar Temple Vengurla

Built in typical Konkani style architecture this 300 years old temple in Vengurla town is a result of renovation and restoration. Lord Rameshwar is said to be tutelary deity of Vengurla.  Festivals like Bhajani Saptah(Hymns sung through out the week to praise the lord),annual fair, Mahashivratri and Maghi festivals are celebrated once in a year.

History : once upon a time Nageshwar Bhagwaty happens to be the original temple of this place. Experiencing acute shortage of water, the natives then decided to dig a lake which today known as Nishan Talav.  It so happened that whilst digging at Wadkhol locals found three lingas.  Amazed by this findings they sought divine verdict of Nagnath who advised them to establish lord Rameshwar’s Temple.

Vetoba Temple :

vetoba temple vengurla


(14 k.m. from Vengurla) : Vetoba means Vetal (The king of Ghost).  He is not only revered deity of Arawali, but acts as a watchman for the beautiful village blessed by spectacular seashore.  Vetoba always holds arms in his hands in state of preparedness to fight the perils of evil nature.  His life and work is mentioned in Granthas (Religious books) like bhagwat,  Matsyapuranas etc.  Vetal is also known by other names such as Agyawetal, Jwalavetal, Pralayavetal.

Fair day tradition : The ritual offering to the vetoba is in the form of Banana.  According to the prevalent tradition fair day is celebrated by offring pair of sandles to vetoba.  The astonishing fact behind offering sandles is that these sandles get attrited as Vetoba wanders whole year through the village.  Today the Idol of Vetoba within the temple stands to be  of stone (Pashan murty) which usually used to be of wood.

Ganesh Temple Redi :

redi ganesh templeganesh temple redi







(21 k.m. from Vengurla):  Previously known as Redipattan this enchanting town is situated at southernmost part of Vengurla.  Histrorical significance of this place is Yashwantgad Fort, which offers spellbounding view of Redi’s are Swayambhu Ganesh Temple, Swayambhu  Shiva Temple, Rampurush Temple and probably only Navdurga in Maharashtra Navdurga Temple.  Revati port area at Readi is one of the nicest spot in Sindhudurg for picnics and one day trip.

  Dedicated to self existent two handed Lord Ganesh is a very important centre of worship in Sindhudurg.  5 ft. height idol in seating position was discovered in the year 1976 in the mines of Revati Port at Ready.  Temple attracts large number of devotees from far and wide during Sankasti (the fourth lunar day after new new moon)



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