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Places To Visit Near Vengurla

May 7, 2015 by     No Comments    Posted under: Blogs

List Of Top 5 Best Places To Visit Near Vengurla

Vising Vengurla? Then don’t miss top 5 best places to visit near Vengurla list is as follows :

Malvan – Malvan is located in Sindhudurg district, Malvan is one of the best place near from Vengurla to visit. It’s around 50km away from Vengurla, Vengurla to Malvan take 1:30 hours to visit, this is one of the well known place from tourism and water sports, there are many things you can do in Malvan city, lots of budget resort in Malvan are available for stay, again so many places are there to visit in Malvan, there are many beaches in Malvan to visit such as Chivala beach, Devbagh beach, Tarkarli beach, Dandi beach where you can do all water sports activities for more details visit our activities page. Talking about temple there are numerous temples in Malvan to visit, again Malvan jetty, Rock garden, Devbag sangam, Tsunami Island, Padmgad, Malvan maket called Somwarpeth Malvan, Rajkot, and other various places are there in Malvan to visit, so whenever you are planning to visit in Vengurla must visit Malvan for more fun and enjoyment.

Sawantwadi – Sawantwadi is located in in Sindhudurg, Sawantwadi is around 30 km away from Vengurla, and it will take approximately 40 to 45 min from Vengurla to Sawantwadi. To reach Sawantwadi from Vengurla there are state transport buses are easily available to reach Sawantwadi, again auto rickshaw or six seaters are also available, Sawantwadi is well known for its Motitalav, and Sawantwadi Rajwada, other things is Sawantwadi like Sawantwadi market, temples in Sawantwadi, these all place to visit in Sawantwadi are famous. Hotels in Sawantwadi are available who serves Malvani cuisine and other varieties, resort in Sawantwadi are available to stay so whenever you are planning to visit Vengurla must visit Sawantwadi to watch historical, and others places.

Goa – Tourist most favorite place for vacations are just few min away from Vengurla, yes whenever coming to Vengurla never miss to visit Goa. Vengurla itself is very beautiful but Goa is the best destination for visit near Vengurla. Goa is not only famous for its exotic beaches but also famous for its temples, churches and other natural beauties. Everyone should once visit Goa and you will come again and again. Vengurla to Goa is just few min distance it will take around 2 to 2:30 hours to visit Goa, there are countless hotels are available to stay in Goa, many mesmerizing beaches are there in Goa for relax, enjoy, fun, adventure, regional places, historical temples, ancient forts, adventurous beaches and many more things are available in Goa. You will never ever get bored while staying at this beautiful place, lots of thrilling and adventurous activities in Goa are available like scuba diving in Goa, water sports in Goa, snorkeling in Goa, parasailing in Goa, bungee jumping at Goa, kayaking, river rafting, bumper ride, banana ride, jet ski, casino, party boats, and many more you name it and you have it, so never ever miss your chance to visit Goa while staying in Vengurla, this is the must visit place near Vengurla.

Kudal – Kudal is one of the popular destination to visit while staying in Vengurla. Vengurla to kudal is around 30 minutes of distance. There are lots things you can do in Kudal. Kudal is the center location of Sindhudurg district, Kudal market is very huge and other than that there are lots of ancient temples in Kudal to visit, Shree dev Kudaleshwar temple is one of the popular temple in Kudal to visit, Dreamland water park and garden is the most popular place to visit for fun and enjoyment with your family and friends. Nerurpaar pool is also the photogenic point in Kudal many people visit this pool to click their pictures and this is the best point surrounded with countless coconut trees, this greenery attracts many tourist to visit Kudal so whenever staying in Vengurla must visit Kudal a small town in Sindhudurg, state transport buses from Vengurla to Kudal are everyday easily available.

Devgad –Devgad is also situated in Sindhudurg district, which is round 2 to 2:30 hours away from main location which is Vengurla. Devgad is famous for its Kunkeshwar temple, this lord Shiva temple is very ancient, Kunkeshwar temple is popular for its Kunkeshwar jatra held every year in Mahashivratri, this is one of the biggest jatra held in Sindhudurg, countless devotees from everywhere visit this temple at Mahashivratri, lord Shiva idol, Nandi the bull idol and tulsi vrundavan, and other things are there in this temple. Temple is situated exactly on Arabian Sea’s coast line which known as Devgad beach, sunset point at this beach is perfect to watch, never miss to visit this temple you will surely feel relax and warm visiting this temple.

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