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History of Vengurla

Once a busy and an extremely important commercial port, this city lost its importance in the numerous historical events. This had been a lively trade center in the past. There were numerous trading activities that used to happen in Vengurla, under the expert leadership of Chatrapati Shivaji. As they say, beauty cannot be hidden or over-powered; this town is yet again making a comeback in the list of travelers, owing to the beautiful and enchanting charm offered in various aspects of this gorgeous city.


The beauty and the apt hotels in Vengurla are gradually enticing various travelers over to this enthralling destination. The unordinary beauty, turquoise sea waves, natural splendor along with the lush green beauty is all that you can experience right here in this striking natural beauty. However, it would not be untrue to say that recently, owing to the rapidly developing technology, through which people who have already visited here help in spreading awareness and the tourism is now gradually expanding well out here.

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