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Festivals of Vengurla

Fairs and Festivals of Vengurla

Vengurla celebrate all the fairs and festivals every year with. These are the occasions when a Vengurlekar celebrate happiness and gladness with each other.


Jatra is the word for all the town in sindhudurg, especially in Vengurla, It is celebrated in all temples of special occasion like Rameshwar , Sateri , Tulas Jaitir ,Parule – Vetoba , Aaravali – Vetoba , Mansishwar , Ghodemukh , pal – Khajanadevi ,  vetore – Sateri ,Gavadeshwar , Swayambhu – Math.

Since Vengurla is town where all the communities live together, so there are a large number of festivals celebrated by the respective community, but enjoyed by everyone and Vengurlekars come together to celebrate this festivals.

January/February (Magh)

Mahashivratri the festival of lord Shiva, which comes in this month, every one celebrated this festival with happiness, the temple in vengurla  such as the Rameshwar , Siddheshwar – Khanoli , Swayambhu-Math, Sagareshwar temple and so on.

February/March (Phalgun)

Holi or Rangapanchami which known as Shigmotsav or Shigmo is a grand eleven-day festival of colors. Held for one-week up to the full-moon day in March, Shigmotsav is celebrated in Vengurlas all the small villages this is the festival of kokan.
Parade of the horse riders and Ghodemodni is a part of Shigmotsav and it celebrated in Math and Talawade. Hypnotic and rhythmic music of drums and whistles accompany the martial dance, which gives you a enjoying and happy feeling watching this.
It is a procession of men in traditional dress or in the dressing of lords, or women or something funny like ghost and dancing to the music of drums.
Holi is celebrated with the Gulal or the different colours which call Rangapanchami where many people attracts to enjoy in this festival of colours, people enjoy a puran poli, a sweet, stuffed chappati made of channa dal and refined flour (maida), served warm with clarified butter or a bowl of milk. This it the main dish made in every house at this festival.
Each year, after successful winter, people get ready to welcome the spring with Holi – the festival of colours. Holis or bonfires are lit in the night and people gather to worship the fire-god, who is believed to burn away all evil. On the next day people enjoy on the street and dance with colours and music.


The festival of Ram Navami or the birthday of Lord Rama is celebrated at Ramnath Temple in vengurla. Chaitra Purnima is also celebrated in this month at Sri Sateri Temple at Vengurla.


This is homecoming season for Many Vengurlekars settled away from Vengurla because it’s a vacations time. It is also the fruit season for kokan mango, fanas (jackfruit), jaam, jambhul, cashew all kind of fruits grow during this months and this is the season of Money-making for vengurlekars


Mirg is on 6th June. It is the start of the monsoon season. The Christian Mirg is one day earlier. The mesmerising smell of sand in first drops of rain is unbelievable. There are not any major festivals in this seasons but the start of rain is the only happiness, In Goa there is a happy mingling of festivals and feast days for the common good of all.


Rainy season with no major festivals but the one festival for women is knows as vat pournima comes during this months every married women in vengurla celebrate this festival . This is the tradition festival celebrated by married women for the prosperity of their husbands.,/p>


Gokul Ashtami or Janamashtami is the Birthday of Lord Krishna, celebrated in vengurla with lots of love and happiness dahi handi is the best part of this festival.


Ganesh Chaturthi is the Birth of Lord Ganesh, the most important deity in the Konkan, and is celebrated all over Vengurla this is everyone’s favourite festival in all the festivals celebrated in vengurla. Thousands return to home for this festival, which is associated with a good positivity.
The 11-day festival begins with all the happy faces, lord ganesa idol comes in every house in vengurla people enjoy take care of this idol, make sweets, dance with the music of lord ganesha’s songs, on the 5th day or 11th day it’s the end of this festival where lord ganesh idol will go for visarjan, its a Emotions run high as people chant ‘Ganpati bappa moraya, pudhachya varshi lavkar ya’ (Oh Lord Ganesh, please come back soon next year). In Vengurla Ganesh Visharjan is mostly done on fifth day or eleventh day.


Navaratri or the nine nights festival associated with Lord Rama’s defeat of Ravana, demon-king of Lanka, culminates in the grand festival of Dussehra. Dussehra is celebrated by devotees of the Mother Goddess as her festival.  Special celebrations for Navaratra Utsav are held at Vengurla, Sateri Mandir &  Bharadi Temple . The Dhangar Dance is a dance of worship performed during this festival.
The Kirtan Mahotsasv or religious music festival takes place at temples in September and is an all-night celebration.


Deepawali is the great festival of lights. It is universally celebrated in Vengurla , in homes, on the streets, in shops and, of course, in religious places. This is the festival of light, laxmi pujan also done in houses of vengurla. in this festival all the vengurlekars made sweets in the all houses of vengurla which is rava ladu, besan ladu, chakali, karanji, chivada, anarase and many more.


Datta Jayanti is celebrated as the annual festival at Shri Datta Temple. This is the only festival of this month which celebrated with happiness, also Christmas celebrated in goa and vengurla with lots of fun and enjoyment, 31st  December the last day of the year and the 1st January new year celebrated with fun as well.,

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